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Corporate competitiveness ran securing excellent human resources and management skills with expertise knowledge in the information society of the 21st century. Therefore, it is more important for companies of hiring. “Now Similarly, lifetime employment is disappearing, that it must err on the side of caution can only choose a workplace where you can pursue a career of their own. No bases for job seekers” job market of recent gradually especially be more flexible, employment system in Japan, has reached a turning point in earnest.

The accelerating changes in the personal and professional values ​​of corporate human resources. 東和ソリューションエンジニアリング株式会社 is finding the best talent in order to give hope for the future job seekers from this standpoint, the training, employment opportunities, the Recruiter is talent that can improve the competitiveness iT company has developed in order to co-exist as a customer of a business Partner provided with an operating system that can be supplied in a timely manner.

東和ソリューションエンジニアリング株式会社 will guarantee that the best efforts to grow the best IT companies for customer satisfaction and our continued innovation in the future. Not satisfied with reality, we will continue to promote the business in the voice of the customer top priority.

Management philosophy

I create the best technique and service in a base in person ability and a technique and contribute to humanity.
I regard person ability as important, and thought makes the ground of the challenge that can show ability with a base for faith to “be a person in the company”.
I do my best at all for constant passion and challenge mind to become best.
With sense of impending crisis “not to be able to survive if I do not change”, I perform a change and innovation quickly.
By a honest heart and a true, right action, I follow honor and dignity and always demand cleanness in all things.
We assume it a social member and have a heart living for together and act for an area and society, prosperity of the human.
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Company overview
President:Chooroku Sorimachi
Location:Tokyo Minatoku